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About the Artist

Alexander Norton grew up fishing and diving in the cold, biodiverse waters of Pacific Grove, California. His early love for nature inspired him to pursue a degree in marine biology in Santa Barbara, while simultaneously continuing his study of fine art. He found his calling as a Research Aquarist with the Monterey Bay Aquarium where he worked for 20 years collecting tuna and other fish species for the aquarium's displays and for researchers at Stanford University's Hopkins Marine Station. Over the years, Norton earned a reputation as the "Tuna Whisperer" for his ability to carefully hand-catch large bluefin tuna in the tanks for safe transport or surgical procedures. Decades of time spent in and on the water as a researcher and angler has sharpened his eye for the subtle, beautiful lines of different marine species, and he translates these insights into his painfully detailed stipplings in archival ink. Norton is also a skilled woodworker and is able to apply his drawing technique to gourds and a range of wood types to create intricate burned images. Recently retired from his work with the aquarium, Norton has shifted his focus to his artistic pursuits, a sustainable fishing business, and his loving relationship with his wife and #1 supporter Shannon.

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